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This is the first step to our enrollment at Alpine Learning. This product includes the initial assessment that is conducted in both literacy and numeracy. Parents will have access to see their students results. The information collected during our assessment helps us to plan our lessons to fit the individual students' needs.  

New Student Assessment Fee


    Liam McCarthy

    Liam is a Civil Engineering Graduate and from Ottawa. He moved to the Ski To Sky three years ago and has lived in Squamish for the past two, where he currently resides. He likes to spend his time rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, mountaineering and practicing yoga . He has practiced consultant engineering for three and a half years before transitioning to private education. Liam connects well with neurodivergent students, providing a host of services to a diverse set of students. His areas of interest include, computing, physical sciences, cosmology and philosophy. His undergraduate and brief graduate education has equipped him with a fundamental understanding of much of the high school curriculum.

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