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Looking to build confidence in a specific academic area?

One on one guidance from a trained specialist can help build understanding and achieve individual goals. Alpine Learning offers expertise from a team of experienced, educated and specialized instructors to support various learning needs for students in grades K-12. Specialties include educators in senior math, science, humanities and senior and early literacy, supporting both reading and writing. Our team can assist with executive functioning skills and goal setting ensuring  students are set up for success as they move through primary school into high school and beyond with study techniques, organization and overall grade improvement.
Our team can help students choose online courses that can work with their learning profiles and personal schedules. We support high performing sport athletes with their academics to ensure they meet their full potential. 
Our BC Certified teachers are trained to invigilate exams for schools and universities. 

Team at Alpine Learning

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Alpine Learning is a space where students come for support with tutoring, mentoring and mindfulness. We offer a relaxing setting where students can focus on their studies and their thoughts. Our environment offers a calm space for individualized guidance to meet each student’s needs. We have a large network of resources for both students and parents.

We support students with remote learning in grades

8-12 through Navigate NIDES.

We support students in:

  • Special Education

  • High Performance Athletes

  • Mental & Medical Health Supports

  • Accelerated Learning

"Children are worth moving mountains for."


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High Performance Athletes

Alpine Learning serves close to 100 students weekly in one to one tutoring, support with virtual school and small group instruction. We support many students who are high performance sports athletes. Some are hockey players, skiers, bikers, figure skaters etc. Many of the athletes have demanding schedules that take them out of their regular classrooms. This can affect their learning. We are able to support students with achieving their full potential in their academics.


We can meet students in person at our learning centre or meet virtually when they are away. The learning doesn't need to take a break. Alpine Learning is offering an Academy program. The intention is to bring groups of learners together in pods, not specific to the sport but rather the learning goals. We have a partnership with a progressive online BC school where students have the choice to be enrolled in full time, or hybrid. This means students can attend both their local high school and participate in academy learning.


The learning can take place anywhere, at any pace. Should you have any questions or interest for your student, please reach out. The talent in our community is endless and these kids are so incredible to support. We are happy to connect with any parents who are interested in learning more about our services. 

Flexible Scheduling

Full time and hybrid schedule available. Access to learning anywhere, at any pace.

Reaching Higher Limits Together

Take courses that aren't offered locally. There are no limits in what students can access. 

Support from Professional Tutors

Local BC teachers and educators who are passionate about education and athletics. 

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Morning Mist over Forest

“I wanted to share how much we have appreciated Robyn’s support with our son’s need for additional help in Pre-Calc 10.  Robyn is very professional and runs her tutoring program extremely well.  She uses good use of time, tools and is very up-to-date on what curriculum is being taught in the classroom.  One thing I was very surprised at was her encouragement in helping organize our son in the tasks at hand.  Getting the work done and being prepared for quizzes and tests was only one of many tasks she executed.  She also made sure our son learned the proper steps in achieving the answers knowing that if those core steps were taken, it would help further in the course and in future math classes.  I would recommend Robyn and Alpine Learning to anyone.” 

Grade 10 Parent, Whistler BC


Check out these links for specific resources:

Girl Coloring


Myths and about Dyslexia

Elementary Classroom


What you need to know.

As a parent there is some much information around us, it can be over whelming. Here is a short video on the overview of learning disabilities. 

Tablet Learning


Multi Sensory Approach

Here is a link to why the multi sensory approach is beneficial to both building language skills as well as support with attention challenges:


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