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Alpine Learning is a space where students come for support with tutoring, mentoring and mindfulness. We offer a relaxing setting where students can focus on their studies and their thoughts. Our environment offers a calm space for individualized guidance to meet each student’s needs.

We have a large network of resources for both students and parents.



Custom session to meet individuals needs


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Multi sensory approach to literacy and numeracy


2-3 students with similar learning goals

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Robyn Akehurst

Looking to build confidence in a specific academic area? One on one guidance from a trained specialist can help build understanding and achieve individual goals.

Robyn Akehurst is a trained Education Assistant with a back ground in Special Education. She brings extensive experience with working with school aged children with all learning profiles. Robyn has training in both intellectual and physical learning differences. She works regularly with high performance sports athletes as well as students with specific medical needs. 

Robyn brings experience working with students on the Autism spectrum and has specific training in POPARD. Robyn has supported her clients with behaviour intervention, social skills and work experience. 

Robyn is certified as a Jump Math Specialist which supports students excel in their mathematics abilities. She has resources to enrich students math abilities beyond their grade level. 

In addition, Robyn is trained in Orton Gillingham. Her training offers students the opportunity to learning through a remedial explicit multi sensory approach to literacy.

Feel free to contact Robyn directly to speak about your child’s learning objectives.


“I wanted to share how much we have appreciated Robyn’s support with our son’s need for additional help in Pre-Calc 10.  Robyn is very professional and runs her tutoring program extremely well.  She uses good use of time, tools and is very up-to-date on what curriculum is being taught in the classroom.  One thing I was very surprised at was her encouragement in helping organize our son in the tasks at hand.  Getting the work done and being prepared for quizzes and tests was only one of many tasks she executed.  She also made sure our son learned the proper steps in achieving the answers knowing that if those core steps were taken, it would help further in the course and in future math classes.  I would recommend Robyn and Alpine Learning to anyone.” 

Grade 10 Parent, Whistler BC

"My thirteen year old son began tutoring in mathematics with Robyn nine months ago.  Prior to this he had been in the special help math class at school and had several different tutors, nothing was working. With Robyn’s intervention and guidance, he is now fully up to speed with mathematics for his grade level while attaining good and consistently improving grades.  My son now has the skill and confidence to embrace mathematics and progress his learning.  This is a real testament to Robyn’s effectiveness as a tutor.  Robyn has that “magic” to make learning fun and something to look forward to."

Grade 8 Parent, Whistler BC

"We so appreciate Robyn’s patience and great guidance for our daughter. The way she can break things down so that a child can understand these almost impossible questions is amazing. She makes problem solving easy. Also, we love how positive she is and always has a good outlook on a difficult situation. After two years with Robyn our daughter has improved immensely. We will always look to Robyn if our daughter is struggling with her academics.

Grade 9 Parent, Pemberton BC



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